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Golden Pearl Jeweler Shop Invoice Template

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Invoice Template #: C6-004

Golden Pearl Jeweler Shop Invoice Template was revised and published on our new site, at Payment Voucher Template (Golden Shop), as both a free invoice template and a template that works with Uniform Invoice Software. On invoicing templates "Payment Voucher Template (Golden Shop)" is categorized as "Receipt Template". Please visit our new site for the updated documents and download links of this template (Golden Pearl Jeweler Shop Invoice Template).

If you would like to use Payment Voucher Template (Golden Shop) as the default invoice template run with Uniform Invoice Software, a ready-to-use invoice software program is now available on Excel Invoice Software. Please see Payment Voucher Template (Golden Shop) for Excel Invoice Software to download it.

The invoice template is designed for golden pearl jeweler shop. It assigns the same Customer ID "A" to all the customers entered and thus in fact it does not maintain customer account information. The invoice template contains 6 columns on the body, including Product ID, Description, Quantity, Weight, Unit Price and Amount. A Discount can be entered on the bottom of the invoice, which is deducted from the total of all the items.

C6-004 (Screenshot)

For information on how to create the invoice template from the default invoice template included in Excel Invoice Manager, see Customizing the Invoice Template.

For information on how to use custom fields, see Custom Fields - Overview and Custom Invoice Fields - Tutorial.