Uniform Invoice Software is Excel-based Invoicing Software.
Uniform Invoice Software

Create professional invoics with ease

Your successful business needs beautiful invoices that are not only professional, but also specific to your business. Time is money. Skip that boring learning curve of a complex accounting system. Start in minutes with our what-you-see-is-what-you-get templates.

Excel Date Picker Calendar
Pop-up Excel Calendar

A date picker calendar simplifies the use of dates in Excel.

Pop-up Excel Calendar adds a date picker calendar to your Excel, which could pop up a calendar whenever you enter a date cell, allowing you to pick a date from the calendar, instead of typing manually. Avoid typo and format mistake with this handy calendar. Enjoy your time and fly like a bird.

A simple Excel Invoice template could be a complete invoicing software program with the help of Uniform Invoice Software.

Blank Excel invoice templates do produce professional-looking and printable invoices, yet they lack the ability to manage customers, products, invoices and payments. Uniform Invoice Software upgrades an Excel invoice template to a complete invoicing system.

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Uniform Invoice Software

Uniform Invoice Software is a flexible invoicing software program that uses Excel invoice templates as its front-end, and connects the template with database to offer advanced features such as managing customers, products, invoices and payments.

InvoicingTemplates.com offers the invoice templates that work with Uniform Invoice Software. Each template is released in two editions - one free invoice template and one that works with Uniform Invoice Software. Currently InvoicingTemplates.com has the following template categories: Sales Invoice Template, Service Invoice Template, Receipt Template, Proforma Invoice Template, Consulting Invoice Template, and Other Invoice Templates.

Pop-up Excel Calendar

Pop-up Excel Calendar is a date picker for Microsoft Excel that pops up calendar for you to easily pick date values. Pop-up Excel Calendar has a new web site now, please visit Excel Date Picker - a Pop-up Calendar for Excel.

Excel Invoice Manager

On on August 4, 2013 we released Uniform Invoice Software, the new generation of Excel Invoice Manager. The new generation of our invoicing software supports the latest versions of Windows and Office, both 64-bit and 32-bit. The following documents are specific to Excel Invoice Manager. For documents of our new generation of the invoicing program, see Uniform Invoice Software.

If for whatever reasons you have to insist on Excel Invoice Manager and need to reinstall the program, contact us for a download link for Excel Invoice Manager.