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Freight Invoice Template

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Invoice Template #: C5-013

Freight Invoice Template was revised and published on our new site, at Shipping Invoice Template (1), as both a free invoice template and a template that works with Uniform Invoice Software. On invoicing templates "Shipping Invoice Template (1)" is categorized as "Sales Invoice Template". Please visit our new site for the updated documents and download links of this template (Freight Invoice Template).

If you would like to use Shipping Invoice Template (1) as the default invoice template run with Uniform Invoice Software, a ready-to-use invoice software program is now available on Excel Invoice Software. Please see Shipping Invoice Template (1) for Excel Invoice Software to download it.

You may find this freight invoice template interesting if you are an India-based company.

C5-013 (Screenshot)

This freight invoice template is created from the default invoice template shipped with Excel Invoice ManagerSetup program, although they look very different. The freight invoice template uses a number of "shipping to" fields for its new purpose, as detailed in the following table.

Cell nameLabel
oknShipAddressCont Type
oknShipCountryPort of Loading
oknShipContactNo. Of Pkgs.

The freight invoice template also uses several custom fields, and all the custom fields are added to the Invoice Header database table, as detailed in the following chart. Custom fields are added by using Database Designer provided by Excel Invoice Manager. For more information on custom fields please see Custom Fields - Overview and Custom Fields - Tutorial.

Field nameField type