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Invoice Template for Book Wholesaler, Publisher or Store

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Invoice Template #: C7-003

The invoice template is for book wholesaler, publisher or store. It can calculate discounts on each product as they are entered on an invoice. Besides wholesale, it also allows applying discounts to retail customers when you invoice them.

Discounts could vary by product. Some invoices may have products at 40% discounts, others at 50%, for example.

C7-003 (Screenshot)

In order to implement the feature required with this invoice template, the template uses 3 custom fields (custom columns) on the invoice body.

Field nameField typeNote
DiscDecimal (8,6)Discount, a percentage value shown on invoice body. This custom field is also added to Product database table so that you can define default discount for each product which is loaded whenever you pick up a product.
UnitCostDecimal (15,6)The applied price for the customer.

On invoice body, the invoice template uses the following formula to calculate UnitCost:


Where "?" is a line number, ranging from 1 to 30.

ExtRetailDecimal (15,6)ExtRetail is calculated using the following formula:


On the bottom of the invoice form, there are also 2 custom fields that are labeled TOTAL QUANTITY and TOTAL EXT. RETAIL. These custom fields are defined in the InvHdr (Invoice Header) database table, and are named TotalQuantity and TotalExtRetail, respectively.