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Invoice Templates for Excel Invoice Manager Registered Users

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This area of the site is created for registered users of Excel Invoice Manager. Here you can download various pre-customized invoice templates for Excel Invoice Manager.

Updated on October 30, 2013: We are on the way testing and moving all the invoice templates to - our new site that will hosts all our sample invoice templates. If you find a link to on a detail page of a template, that means the template can be downloaded from wihtout a member account.

How to Create a Member Account

A member account will be created and sent to you, along with the registration code/license key, after you successfully place an order for the Platinum, Pro or Enterprise editions of Excel Invoice Manager, or any edition of Uniform Invoice Software.

Please note the Express edition of Excel Invoice Managerdoes not include the member account, as detailed at Difference between Excel Invoice Manager Editions.

The member account will use your email address you specify to receive the license key/registration code of Excel Invoice Manager.

What Is the Purpose of the Member Area

During the development of Excel Invoice Manager, flexibility was one of the most important design goals in our mind. As a result, we get a solution in which the invoice templates are separated completely from the Excel Invoice Manager COM add-in and can be used standalone to create and calculate invoices. By this separated design, plus Microsoft Excel's comprehensive data formatting facilities, we hope everyone using this software program will and can create their own customized invoices.

However, we still get a lot of emails every day, asking whether Excel Invoice Manager can create a "special" type of invoice. Well, the invoices in question are not special at all, and Excel Invoice Manager can easily handle such invoices. The only thing need to do is to customize the Invoice worksheet using Excel's various features, such as replacing default fonts and colors, moving and merging cells. In fact, this is one of Excel Invoice Manager's advantages over other invoice software programs -- it is highly-customizable.

Due to the requirements, we think it may be helpful to provide various pre-customized invoice templates. This is why we created the member area.

How to Use

If you are a registered user of Excel Invoice Manager, please login using your e-mail address and password.

Download any template you like, save it to your local disk, such as your desktop, double click to open it, or unzip and open it if it is a zip file. The new invoice template will find and work with your Excel Invoice Manager!

If you cannot find the invoice template you need, please let us know.