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Invoice Template for Newsletter Publishing Service (C7-007)

- Document for Excel Invoice Manager

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This version of the document, "Invoice Template for Newsletter Publishing Service (C7-007)", was written for Excel Invoice Manager, which was now renamed to Uniform Invoice Software. For the latest version of this document, please download Uniform Invoice Software.

Invoice Template for Newsletter Publishing Service was revised and published on our new site Invoicing Templates, at Subscription Invoice Template (Sales), in the Sales Invoice Template category, and at Subscription Invoice Template (Service) in the Service Invoice Template category, as both a free invoice template and a template that works with Uniform Invoice Software. Please visit our new site for the updated documents and download links of this template (Invoice Template for Newsletter Publishing Service).


Service companies publishing newsletters should find this invoice template handy, as this invoice template is built with this type of business in mind. The key features implemented by this customized invoice template (as compared to the default invoice template shipped with Excel Invoice Manager) are as follows.

Tip: Download the customized invoice template from the bottom of this page.

  • You publish several newsletters, and customers subscribe the newsletters from you. Because for each customer / invoice, one newsletter or one subscription plan needs only one line on the invoice body, the 12 lines offered by the default invoice template seem too many. So with this implementation of the invoice template for newsletter publishing service, we leave only 6 lines on the invoice body.
  • The service business is annual subscription based, so it's necessary to list the "Start Month" and "End Month" for each newsletter the customer subscribe. These fields are added as custom fields.
  • You don't need the "Sales Rep. Name", "Ship Date", "Due Date" fields / cells on the invoice body. These cells are moved out of the Print_Area.
  • The newsletter publishing service company is zero-rated for VAT. All the tax cells are hiding from this service invoice template.
  • No need for country, or post/zip code. These cells are also moved out of the Print_Area.