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Payment Detail

- Document for Excel Invoice Manager

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This version of the document, "Payment Detail", was written for Excel Invoice Manager, which was now renamed to Uniform Invoice Software. For the latest version of this document, please download Uniform Invoice Software.

The Payment Edit window provides a number of fields that you may optionally fill out. The only required field on this window is the Total Payment field.

Payment Edit window
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Here we have a look at the Command List bar.

SaveAfter editing the payment, you need to click this button to save the changes to the database.
DeleteDeleting a payment will remove the payment record completely from the database.
Void PaymentVoiding a payment will mark the payment voided and change the status of the invoice back to pending. Unlike deleting a payment, voiding a payment will keep the payment record in the database.
RefreshReload data from the database. This command is used basically in a network environment where multiple users open the same database. You can use this button to refresh data modified by other uses.