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Invoice Templates with 5 Columns

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Invoice Templates with 5 Columns contains sample invoice templates that have 5 column(s) on the invoice body. Our new web site Free Invoice Templates has the corresponding 5-Column Invoice Templates category which offers an updated list of the invoice templates.

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1. Sample Sales Invoice Template 5

Invoice Template#: C5-001

Shows quantity, description, unit price, taxable status, and amount per line. Sub-total, tax and total amount are computed from the line items.

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2. Sample Service Invoice Template 5 (no-tax)

Invoice Template#: C5-002

Five-column invoice. One tax (configurable). No shipping address. No customer ID.

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3. Sample Service Invoice Template 5 (Top Summary)

Invoice Template#: C5-003

Created from C5-002. Invoice summary information is moved to the top of the Invoice worksheet.

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4. Using Handwriting Signature in Your Invoices

Invoice Template#: C5-004

This sample invoice template demonstrates how to add a new image, such as a handwriting signature image, to the invoice form.

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5. VAT Invoice Template, VAT taxes

Invoice Template#: C5-005

This VAT invoice template supports two vat taxes. Unlike the default invoice template included in the setup program of Excel Invoice Manager, where the two taxes are both applied to each product or item, in this invoice template only one of the two VAT taxes is applied to a product or item, and each product or item in this VAT invoice template has a Tax Type property with which you can specify which VAT tax is suitable for the product item. However if the customer provide its VAT ID then it is Vat free.

If your products have different VAT rates, say some of the products have 6% VAT rate and the others have 19% VAT rate, this template might be suitable for you.

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6. Invoice Template with Job Description and Insurance Section

Invoice Template#: C5-006

This invoice template does not include the fields for shipping information, but it added several new sections, including: Job section, where you can input job description, VIN#, Ref#, Stock#; Insurance section, where you can enter the name, address, telephone number of the insurance company; Agency section, where you provide the information about the agency, such as name and address.

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7. Invoice Template with Previous Balance

Invoice Template#: C5-007

The invoice template adds/forwards previous balance and shows it on the current invoice form. The amount of "Previous Balance" is retrieved when you pick up a customer by clicking the icon button. The "Total Balance" cell calculates the sum of the current balance and previous balance.

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8. Using Product Category on Invoice Form

Invoice Template#: C5-008

This invoice template demonstrates how to save product category field along with invoice and how to retrieve the product category in the product report so that the report can be organized by the category field.

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9. Invoice Template for Cosmetics Company or Cosmetics Store with Support of 5 Levels of Discounts

Invoice Template#: C5-009

This invoice template is designed for cosmetics company or cosmetics store. It supports 5 levels of discount, and for each customer you can specify its discount rate (level) individually.

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10. Invoice Template for Music Company or Store

Invoice Template#: C5-010

There are two templates in the downloadable package, one for wholesale customers, and another for retail customers. Both templates are connecting to the same database, sharing the same customer and product list. The main difference is that the wholesale version contains a discount field on the form, with which you can offer a discount to wholesale customers. Music company or store may find the invoice templates interesting.

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11. Applying Discounts to Certain Customers

Invoice Template#: C5-011

Some customers are very important so you need to allocate discounts to them whenever you invoice them. This invoice template implements this by adding a custom field, Discount, to both the Customer and InvHdr (Invoice Header) database tables. For each customer, you can set a default discount, either 0 or a non-zero value. Whenever you create invoice for the customer, the discount is applied automatically.

Also in this invoice template the whole PO#, sales rep, ship date and ship via strip, as well as the Shipping and Handling at the bottom, are moved out of the Print_Area (the white area on the center of the form), leaving space for you to type in more information about your company or business.

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12. Sample Service Template 5

Invoice Template#: C5-012

Same as C4-004, but the Quantity column is moved back into Print_Area. Unlike C4-004, where the Amount column is manually entered, in this invoice template the Amount column is now calculated from Quantity and Price.

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13. Freight Invoice Template

Invoice Template#: C5-013

You may find this freight invoice template interesting if you are an India-based company.

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14. Invoice Template for Transportation / Taxi / Limousine Service Company

Invoice Template#: C5-014

A service company provides transportation to various facilities and airports. These trips are billed to many corporate accounts. The invoice format or invoice layout implemented by this template is designed for such companies, and it would also work for any taxi/limousine service.

As a service template, it does not require the fields/cells related to shipping. The oknSalesRepName cell in the original default invoice template now has a new label, "Account Executive Name".

Five columns included in this invoice template are Date, Product code (Product ID in the original invoice template), Passenger, Description, Fare. Since this is a service invoice template, the Quantity column in the original default invoice template is moved out of the Print_Area, with a default value of 1. For information on how to move cells, please see Customizing Invoice Template - Moving Cells/Controls.

This invoice template also shows Previous Balance on the invoice form. The implementation details can be found at Forwarding Previous Invoice Balance.

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15. Work Order Template

Invoice Template#: C5-015

The work order template added several new fields to the original invoice template to describe related information about the work or job to be done.

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16. Invoice Template with Support for Tax-Exempt, One-Tax and Two-Tax Items

Invoice Template#: C5-016

The default invoice template does allow you to choose tax-type with 3 options: no-tax, one tax and two taxes, but this option is applied to all the items on the invoice form. This slightly-customized invoice template differs from the default invoice template in that it allows you, on the single invoice form, to have some products with no tax, some products with one tax (such as GST) and some products with two (such as GST and PST).

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17. Tax By Item Category

Invoice Template#: C5-017

If you offer both server/labor and general products/items, it is likely that the taxes must be calculated based on different item types. This tutorial implements the customized invoice template by using custom fields. Visit Invoice Template with Support for Product-Type Specific Tax Rates for the detail.

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18. Job Invoice Template

Invoice Template#: C5-018

With this job invoice template you can enter both materials and labor costs. Compared to the default invoice template shipped with Excel Invoice Manager, this job invoice template does not include the "Ship To" section, but added several new fields to let you enter job-related information, including "Start Date", "Finish Date", "Job Address", "Client Name". Download this invoice template by visiting Job Invoice Template.

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19. Invoice template for automotive repair business

Invoice Template#: C5-019

This invoice template is created for auto repair workshop. It is also released as a free invoice template. Visit Auto repair invoice template for the details.