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Invoice Template for Plumbing and Heating Service Company

- Document for Excel Invoice Manager

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This version of the document, "Invoice Template for Plumbing and Heating Service Company", was written for Excel Invoice Manager, which was now renamed to Uniform Invoice Software. For the latest version of this document, please download Uniform Invoice Software.

Plumbing and heating service companies don't need the "Ship To" section on their invoices, so it is replaced with a new label "Site Address". There are also new fields added on the Invoice Header, such as "Job Address".

Tip: Download the customized invoice template for plumbing and heating service company from the bottom of this page.

Note:Plumbing and Heating Service Company Invoice Template was revised and published on our new site, at Plumbing Contractor Invoice Template, as both a free invoice template and a template that works with Uniform Invoice Software. On invoicing templates "Plumbing Contractor Invoice Template" is categorized as "Service Invoice Template". Please visit our new site for the updated documents and download links of this template (Plumbing and Heating Service Company Invoice Template). is also providing several customization samples of this invoice template: Plumbing Contractor Invoice Template (Landscape), which is a variant of c2008 Plumbing Contractor Invoice Template. It differs from the original Excel invoice template in that the layout is suitable for printing on A4 paper in landscape orientation. Plumbing Service Invoice Template (Sales Tax), which is a 4-column variant and alternative of the 2-column plumbing invoice template. The 4 columns that are printable on this service plumbing invoice template are Quantity, Description, Unit Price and Line Total. Plumbing Service Invoice Template (Landscape), which is a customization sample of Plumbing Service Billing Template (Sales Tax) (c4022). This sample invoice layout changed the original paper orientation to Landscape. It contains less lines on the detail section, but each line is able to hold more text.

If you would like to use Plumbing Contractor Invoice Template as the default invoice template run with Uniform Invoice Software, a ready-to-use invoice software program is now available on Excel Invoice Software. Please see Plumbing Contractor Invoice Template for Excel Invoice Software to download it. is also providing the custom builds for the other plumbing invoice samples, that each integrates a customized plumbing invoice template with our Excel Invoice Software: Plumbing Contractor Invoice Template (Landscape) for Excel Invoice Software, Plumbing Service Invoice Template (Sales Tax) for Excel Invoice Software, and Plumbing Service Invoice Template (Landscape) for Excel Invoice Software.

Invoice Template for Plumbing and Heating Service Company - main form

Invoice body format

The most interesting part on this invoice format is that the invoice body, where there are only two columns, "Code" and "Description of Work". The "Code" column is equal to the "Product ID" column in the default invoice template shipped with Excel Invoice Manager, which allows you to quickly retrieve product descriptions by entering the code - A detailed document on In-Cell lookup can be found here: Settings - Lookup Tab.

The usual columns, "Quantity", "Price" and "Line total", are all disappeared from this invoice template, as they are not necessary. Generally Excel Invoice Manager requires the line total to appear on each line, or the invoice program will treat this line as incomplete and will not save it when "Save To DB is clicked. To deal with this, the "Allow incomplete line on invoice body" option on the "Workbook" tab of the "Settings" window should be checked. A detailed document on this topic can be found by visiting Free Invoice Form with Support for Incomplete Lines on Invoice Body.

Creating the invoice body layout from the default invoice template shipped with Excel Invoice Manager is easy and quick. All you need to do is to move the unneeded columns, "Quantity", "Price", "Line total", out of the "Print_Area, and then merge the space left by moving out the columns into the "Description of work" column. To move a cell or a column:

  1. Unprotect the Invoice worksheet.
  2. Drag your mouse to select all the cells/fields you want to move.
  3. Push your mouse key on the border of the selected area; drag it to the new location.
  4. Once finished, protect the Invoice worksheet.
  5. Save the template.

To move a control:

  1. Unprotect the Invoice worksheet.
  2. Switch to design mode.
  3. Click and drag the control to the new location you like.
  4. Once finished, exit design mode.
  5. Protect the Invoice worksheet.
  6. Save the template.

To merge several cells into one:

  1. Drag your mouse to select cell you want to merge/unmerge.
  2. Click the Merge and Center button on the Formatting toolbar in Excel 2000-2003, or in Excel 2007/2010 choose the Home ribbon tab, Alignment group, Merge & Center button.

Invoice bottom format

The invoice format on the bottom part was created by using several custom fields and related Excel formulas. The following table describes all the cells on the bottom part of the invoice format and their relationships created by formulas.

Cell (label)Cell nameIs custom field?Formula to calculate this cell value
MATERIALSoknMaterialsYes(manually editable)
LABOURoknLabourYes(manually editable)
SUB TOTALoknSubTotalNo=oknMaterials+oknLabour
VAT @ 17.5%oknVATYes=ROUND(oknSubTotal*17.5%,2)
TOTAL INC VAToknTotalIncVATYes=ROUND(oknSubTotal+oknVAT,2)
-18% TAX ON LABOURoknTaxOnLabourYes=ROUND(oknLabour*-18%,2)
PAIDoknPaymentsNo(manually editable)
TOTAL DUEoknBalanceDueNo=ROUND(oknTotal-oknPayments,2)

Tip: If you need more VAT invoice template samples, click VAT Invoice Templates.

Download invoice template