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Invoices Show Status of Paid

A. Don't apply payment to invoice

If you need to keep an invoice pending, don't click the Save button on the New Payment window that pops up after you click Save To DB.

If you don't want to see the New Payment window after clicking Save To DB, then uncheck the "Prompt for payment" option on the Workbook tab of the Settings window that can be opened by clicking the Settings button on the Invoice worksheet.

If an invoice was made paid incorrectly, you can delete the payment record by going to the Invoice Edit window. To open the Invoice Edit window, click the Invoices button on the Invoice worksheet and then double-click the invoice in question.

B. oknBalanceDue Cell Name and Formula

An invoice is marked as paid if its oknBalanceDue cell is zero or the cell name is missing.

If you click Save To DB and the invoice is marked as paid automatically, it might be that the oknBalanceDue cell name is deleted, or the formula of the cell has been removed.

To fix it, you can either download the default template here, or you can also restore the oknBalanceDue cell and its formula manually.

  1. Make sure the Invoice worksheet is unprotected.
  2. Click to select an unused cell.
  3. Type "oknBalanceDue" into the name box on the formula bar. If oknBalanceDue cell name already exists, Microsoft Excel will select and active that cell; otherwise, the current selected cell will be named oknBalanceDue.
  4. Make sure the oknBalanceDue cell has the following formula:


    Please note the above formula is suitable for the default invoice template only. If you are using a heavily-customized template, please use a formula that could correctly calculate the balance for your invoices.

  5. Save the invoice template once you have done the modifications.
  6. You might need to recover those invoices that were incorrectly marked as paid. Please see this document to find out how to Editing Paid Invoices.

TIP: If you don't want the oknBalanceDue cell to appear on your printed invoices, removing oknBalanceDue cell name or its formula is not the correct way. Instead, you can move the cell/cells out of the Print_Area. Please see: Customizing Invoice Template