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Invoice Template with Discount Column

Invoice Template with Discount Column was revised and published on our new site invoice templates, at Sales Invoice Template with Discount Amount Column in the sales invoice template category, and Sales Invoice Template with Discount Percentage Column also in the sales invoicing template category, as both a free invoice template and a template that works with Uniform Invoice Software. Please visit our new site InvoicingTemplates for the updated documents and download links of this template - Invoice Template with Discount Column.

Discount as a Product

The easiest way to add a discount to an invoice is to use a special product/item, with the following information:

  • Description: Discount
  • Taxable: Yes or No, depending on your requirement
  • Price: -1.00
  • Is A Service: Yes (Set this to Yes so that Excel Invoice Manager will not maintain its stock)

After adding the above product, you can then add the product to an invoice when needed, and enter the amount into the Quantity field.

Discount Column

In case discounts must be listed for each product/service, you need to use custom fields. For detailed documents and tutorials on using custom fields, please see:

Here are the brief steps you need to follow:

  1. By using Database Designer, add a custom field ItemDiscount, to the InvBdy (Invoice Body) database table, with the type of Decimal (8, 4).
  2. Open your invoice template.
  3. Add a new column. Name the cells on the column oknItemDiscount_1, oknItemDiscount_2... oknItemDiscount_20.

    The cell names establish the link between the template and the backend database. For example, in the name "oknItemDiscount_1", "okn" is a prefix, "ItemDiscount" is the field name that tells Excel Invoice Manager to which database field to save the cell data when you click the Save To DB button on the Invoice worksheet, and, "_1" is the row number of the cell.

There are 3 invoice templates in the following downloadable package. All the templates have the ItemDiscount field added as detailed above, but there are slightly differences on the layout of the invoice forms. To learn how to customize the layout of the invoice form, please see Customizing Invoice Template.

There are also other various pre-customized invoice templates in the member area that are offering discount options, such as: (You need a member account to download the following templates)