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Uniform Invoice Software

What Is Uniform Invoice Software

Please visit our new web site, for all the latest information and free Excel invoicing templates, at Uniform Invoice Software.

After installing Uniform Invoice Software, you see an "Invoice" icon on your desktop, which leads you to the default invoice template shipped with Uniform Invoice Software setup program.

Default Invoice Form
Default Invoice Form

It is an Excel spreadsheet form, but with many buttons on it, like Customers, Products, Invoices. If you click Invoices, you see a list of invoices stored in the back-end database.

all-invoice list
All invoices retrieved from database

If you double-click an invoice in the above list, you see an Invoice Edit form.

Invoice edit
Editing an invoice

Now you get the first impression - Uniform Invoice Software is an Excel-based invoicing program, but stores data in a back-end database.

Uniform Invoice Software connect Excel invoice template with backend database
Uniform Invoice Software connect Excel invoice template with backend database

So what is the advantage of this architecture? Simply put, you benefit from two existing mature technologies, both in the front-end and back-end. In the front end, you can use Microsoft Excel to design the invoice form in the way you like, by using various tools provided by Excel, as you can see from our new site Billing Software, Invoice Software, Free Invoice Templates - Uniform Software Limited, or invoice templates in the member area. In the back-end, a database keeps your data safe and organized.


Back to 2005, we released the first version of our invoicing software, called Excel Invoice Manager. During the past 8 years, our effort has never stopped to improve the program, as you can see from the brief history document.

But now it is the really big step - with the release of version 3.11, Excel Invoice Manager is completely designed, and it is now Uniform Invoice Software, and meanwhile the developer team at reorganized the business to be a limited company, Uniform Software Limited.

If you are an existing user of Excel Invoice Manager, our upgrade policy is here.

Many documents published here on were written for version 2 of Excel Invoice Manager. The new documents for Uniform Invoice Software are installed by the setup program on your own computer, which you can open by clicking on any "Help" button in Uniform Invoice Software.